Best Golf Bags To Keep Your Golf Equipment Safe


When it comes to golf, there are many things that are involved like golf accessories, clubs, bags, etc. In order to make it easier for golfers, there is need to derive ways in which the accessories can be carried and transported from one place to another.

In order to carry your golf accessories (including shoes, towels, gloves and maybe even clothes), you need to have a bag that will protect these valuable items, and Last Bag by Club Glove may be a good choice for you. This is definitely a bag to look at if you travel and play golf.

3 Best Golf Bags To Keep Your Golf Equipment Safe

Bennington WFO Dry Cart Bag

Bennington WFO Dry Cart Bag
Bennington WFO Dry Cart Bag

There are several golf bags out there, but how do you know which ones are for you? If you’re searching for the best golf bags for your next golf resort vacation, you may want to check out what Bennington has to offer. Here is some information about the Bennington company, as well as what you can expect when you order golf bags from the company.

Protect Your Equipment with Golf Bags

What does Bennington have to offer?

When you purchase a golf bag or any type of golf equipment from Bennington, you can expect to get a quality product each and every time. The golf bags are attractive to the eye, and are very functional, so you can store your golfing items without running out of space. You can also depend on Bennington to have the best golf bags for different types of weather conditions; most of the bags will fit inside of the weather jacket that the company sells, and you can also choose from golf bags that are weather proof so you can leave the green during rain or a storm without having to worry about your bag being damaged.

Bennington also offer personalized bags, so you can create a golf bag that you can be sure no one else will have. You can request to have a personalized logo appear on your golf bag, and you can even have your initials engraved in the bag.

In addition to great golf bags, Bennington also offers other great products, such as Day Bag 2 putters, and quality golf balls that will last you all golf season. If you want to know more about where to find Bennington golf supplies, here are a few suggestions that may help.

Where can I find Bennington products?

You can find Bennington golf supplies at department stores like Dillard’s or Macy’s, but you can also search online for Bennington golf bags and supplies online. Sites like are great for finding Bennington golf supplies, because you can bid on the items that you want and find a discount that you may not be able to get anywhere else. If you have a PayPal account, you can search for online stores that accept PayPal payments to make purchasing and shipment easier.

Ogio Monster Golf Bags

There are two Major Ogio Golf Travel Bags: the Straight Jacket and its big brother.

Ogio Monster Travel Bag

Ogio Monster Travel Bag
Ogio Monster Travel Bag

I’ve heard it said that some of these travel bags are a bit on the expensive side, but the Straight Jacket can be purchased for less than $100 if you search the internet. The Monster is about $100 more, but are you aware of the value of the equipment you carry around in a golf bag?

It’s a lot even for a beginner, but if you are a reasonable player you could be carrying over $3000 worth of equipment. I know you are like me and think that nothing will happen, but have you seen some of these airport baggage handlers at work? Especially in high season when the planes are full.

A travel bag is essential if you fly, and if you drive just think where you store your clubs. That’s right…in the trunk! And guess what part of your car is most likely statistically to be hit in an accident? Right again! The trunk! Still think you don’t need a travel bag?

The Ogio Straight Jacket

The Ogio Straight Jacket
The Ogio Straight Jacket

Features Of The Straight Jacket Travel Bag

The Ogio Straight Jacket offers enough room to fit a tour bag. It will also carry a cart bag and any stand or carry bag. I suggest Ogio to you because they are a good outfit, and I wouldn’t like to recommend anything I wouldn’t trust. The top part of the bag is well padded to protect your club heads and there are sufficient straps to secure your golf bag into the travel bag.

The plastic frame provides extra protection and the wheels are soft to absorb impact. If you need a travel bag for occasional travel and you don’t want to pay too much for it, then I suggest you give the Ogio Straight Jacket a try. Click here to check out at for better price.

The Ogio Monster Preferred for Greater Protection

If you want something a bit more robust then you can’t go wrong with the Ogio Monster travel bag. This is big enough for two golf bags, or one plus all your clothes and other travel needs. OK, it costs a bit more, about $100 more, but you might find a good deal on the internet or your local golf shop.

I like it because it has a hard bottom and really tough back that Ogio calls the sled. You will find that the sled not only gives a lot of protection to your golf clubs, but that it’s two large wheels makes it easy to pull round the airport, train station or subway.

Another thing I like about it, and I am sure you will too, is that if you are traveling yourself for a weekend golf trip, you won’t need any more luggage. That’s right! No suitcase… all you need will fit into the Ogio Monster travel bag.

I just came across this golf travel bag and was so impressed with it that next time I need to buy some luggage, I might just buy one of these. Who needs a suitcase!

I could find nothing wrong with the Monster. If you fill it up completely, it can be a bit heavy to lift into the trunk. Other than that, perfect! Expensive? Perhaps. How much are your golf clubs worth to you?

You can find some good prices on sites like by clicking here.


Last Bag by Club Glove

Last Bag by Club Glove
Last Bag by Club Glove

Features of Last Bag by Club Glove

This bag is available in 16 different colors which make it possible to choose on the color that you prefer. Some of the colors that are available include black, red, clay, royal blue, black copper, navy and so on. Last Bag by Club Glove is also large and premium collapsible bag. This makes it possible to carry all your golf accessories. Also contains about 47″ driver plus room that can accommodate gear and other accessories.

There are also different sizes of this bag such as the large (L), medium, XL and so on, when buying these bags, you have to determine the type of accessories and gears that you intend to carry. This bag also contains 86 linear inches with a single piece burst proof that is made of invista. This is important in that it makes it water proof thus you can be able to use when it is raining and also in water logged fields.

They have constructed nylon that has been embroidered in the inside of this bag which is three times stronger and lasts five times longer that the common polyester used in common standard bags. The ballistic nylon base reinforcement make the zippers are reliable as well as durable. The wheelbase contains patented high-impact plastic that also has integrated support as well as in-line skate wheels that have bearings which enhance quite and smooth transport.

For easy loading, there is an over the top zipper. On the two exterior, there are shoe storage pockets, this makes it possible to carry shoes. In order to ensure that your ID card is safe, there is an ID card holder.

Pros of Last Bag by Club Glove

This bag is well built based on the material. This, compared to other standard bags is much more ahead. This also makes this bag long lasting thus you will save lots of money that you could have incurred when buying the standard bags often. The material that have been used in making this bag are thick than those of soft bags.

Another great advantage of Last Bag by Club Glove is that it is big. This is significant in that it can be able to carry as many golfing accessories and gears as possible. You can therefore put all your accessories as well as clubs in this bag. You will still have ample time in carrying it around. This bag is also comfortable and that it has been designed in way that it favors modern drivers. With the 47″ allowance, this makes it possible for any driver to carry it without worries of breaking any accessories in it.

Cons of Last Bag Golf Travel Bag

The Last Bag does not have any known disadvantages that are known apart from the price. With its features and service, this bag is worth the price.

Last Bag Price Tag

Many golfers have complained about the price of the Last Bag. In that it is on the higher end, edging toward expensive. This bag is sold for around $299.00, so for some people it’s just out of their price range. Check out the best prices at amazon by clicking here.

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