The Best Golf Grip Tips For Holding Your Club


Are you looking for the best golf grip tips?

PGA master professional John Hughes once said, The most important component of a solid golf game is the only connection you have with the golf club, your grip. Before practicing your golf swing or gaining command of the field, success would never be possible without the right golf grip. The right grip is followed by the right follow through, backswing and downswing.

The way you play the game depends on how you hold the golf club. The perfect golf grip is, up to this day, a hotly debated issue. The correct golf grip cannot be explained systematically, for the grip is a purely relative concept of golf. You create this grip, and you make it develop through time. However, there are golf grip tips that could help you find your own golf grip. Continue reading to find out just how.

Your Golf Grip is Innate

Before you start recreating some golf professionals golf grip, you need to know that no two professional golf players hold the golf club the same way. Professional players have developed their golf grip through time, and with constant playing. One of the best golf grip tips is feeling it out with your golf club. Try holding a golf club and let your arms, hands and fingers hold the handle freely. Your hands will naturally assume their position, and this is how you should hold your golf club.

Left and Right Handed Golf Grip Tips

Left-handed people hold the golf club a different way as compared to those who are right handed. If you are right-handed, you left hand should be over your right hand. If you are left-handed, your right hand should be over your left hand. When gripping the golf club, make sure only the first knuckle of your index finger is seen. If you see more of your fingers, then you must have over-rotated your hands, resulting in a poor golf swing.

Knowing the Grip Types

One of the best golf grip tips is to know the three most popular grip types used by golf professionals all over the world. These are the interlock, the overlap, and the 10-finger grip. The interlock style is when golfers place their hands on top of one another, with their pinky finger linked to their index finger on the other hand. Another style is the overlap.

The overlap is very much like the interlock, but with the pinky finger on top of the index finger on the other hand. The 10-finger grip is when both hands are placed on the club with all fingers lined up in one row. This style is often referred to as the baseball grip, and is used more often in golf.

The Strength of Pressure

The amount of pressure that you use to hold your golf club is significant to the quality of the swing that happens afterwards. One of the best golf grip tips for pressure is employing the toothpaste test. Using a tube of toothpaste without the cap on, hold it with both of your hands the way you would hold a golf club. If toothpaste comes out of the other end, then you are holding the club too strong. The right way to hold a golf club is if no toothpaste comes out.

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