Golf Chipping Tips That Actually Work


Do you need some golf chipping tips to help lower your scores?

Working on your short game is one of the easiest ways to improve your handicap. If you have played some golf you will know that trying to hit every green in regulation is a difficult task. Heck, even the pros can’t do it.

What is a typical chip shot?

A typical shot be where you are a few feet from the putting surface. Your lie is good. However, the grass is a little too long to consider using your putter to get the ball to the hole. Depending on where the hole position is on the green, you will need to pick a club that gets the desired roll that you need.

The following are some basic golf chipping tips

that we will get you on your way to improving your scores.

Picking the right club

How many times have you used a sand wedge for your chip shots? And what were the results? Most beginner golfers when starting out tend to lean towards using their sand wedge for chipping.

This is okay, but is not ideal for every chip shot. Depending on what type of lie you have on the course and the distance will dictate which club you will use. A sand or pitching wedge is great if your lie is in one or two-inch rough as opposed to the fairway.

“So what club should I use”, you ask.Well, if the pin is close to the front edge of the green, selecting a club with more loft such as a 9-iron should work. The reason why is because you want to get more height off the ball with less roll.

However, if the pin is at the back edge of the green (and depending on how many feet you are from the hole), you may want to choose a club with less loft. A club such as the 5 or 7-iron should do the trick for you. With these mid irons, you will achieve much more roll for longer shots.

You want to put the shot into the right spot so it will do what you intended it to do. This leads us to our next golf chipping tip.

Land The Shot Correctly

You want to decide on a good spot for the chip shot. Ideally, this should be on the green and not the fairway or the fringe. Since the green is a more consistent flat surface, this will reduce the chance of the ball taking a bad first bounce.

Try to visualize a shot that is about 2 to 3 feet on to the green. When chipping you want the ball to be in the air just long enough for it to reach the green. I know you have had many chip shots that didn’t clear the fringe or the fairway.

This could have been a stroke that you saved. It all adds up.The next on the list of golf chippings tips is.

Visualizing Your Shot

I notice that a lot of novice golfers don’t do this. They just get up the ball and hit…and just pray for some luck. Remember, golf is a mental game you should take your time and think about what you are doing. Before the shot, stand behind the ball and visualize your target line. Choose a spot on the green that you would like to hit (such as a blemish or some dirt). Make sure it is in line with the flagstick.

Set up to the ball with a narrow stance with your feet that angle slightly left of the target line. These basic golf chipping tips should help you get on your way to shooting lower golf scores. By applying these simple tips, you will start chipping away at those stokes (no pun intended).

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