Golf Pitching Tips For Accurate Shots


You need some effective golf pitching tips if you want to put up respectable scores on the course. The pitch shot will be your ace in the hole when trying to recover from trouble. The percentages are high for hitting inaccurate shots off the tee. This includes beginners and professional golfers.

Trust me you will not hit 100% of the fairways. Its just not going to happen. Golf pitching is a part of your short game along with putting and chipping. Having a great short game can more than make up for a horrible long game. So don’t give up on golf too quick. I am going to provide you with some golf pitching tips that hopefully will help you get close to lowering your scores.

So what is a pitch shot?

A pitch is a lofted short shot to the green (typically with some backspin) with a little roll at the end.

When To Use A Pitch Shot

You should use a pitch shot when there is chance of you getting your ball on the green with a well executed chip. Most of the time you will use your wedges to hit a chip shot which will get you higher and longer. Pitching the ball is also effective when faced with hazards and other obstacles. Especially when between you and the green.

Pitching is more difficult than chipping because the swing is longer. It requires more feel and will take some time to perfect. That why you should always choose a chip shot over a pitch.

Depending on how many yards you are away from the green will dictate how long your swing should be. You must remember that the shorter the swing, the less spin you will have on the ball. So keep this in mind making your shot.When well struck, a pitch can put you in a great scoring position when you are 10 to 75 yards out from the green. These are the shots that make you say, “YESSS”!

It is going to take some practice to improve and get better. So be patient!

How To Perform A Pitch Shot

The pitch is somewhat of an abbreviated version of the full golf swing. The ideal pitch shot is to get height and with enough spin so that the golf ball will stop on the green.

In order for this to happen, you must do follow these four tips.

Golf Pitching Tips #1 – Choose the correct golf club

In pitching situations, a sand, lob, pitching wedge is used to generate some height with your shot. The more lofted the club is the more backspin you will create. You need as much spin on the ball so that it will stop quickly once it lands on the green. These clubs are designed to create this action. It is tough to predict how much roll you will get from this shot. But, you can pretty much predict the distance in which the ball flies with some practice.

Golf Pitching Tips #2 – Pick A Landing Spot

Now it is time for you to decide where you want the ball to land. Generally, you will want to hit the golf ball slightly short of the hole so that it will have room for a slight roll. The roll will also depend on the club that you are using. Such as a pitching wedge will create more roll than a lob wedge due to the trajectory. Being able to place your ball where you want it takes practice and experience.

Golf Pitching Tips #3 – The Setup

When setting up to the ball, aim your club face along the target line. Now it is time to get in your stance. Most short game shots are played with an open stance meaning that your feet are about 15 degrees left of the target line. You should place about 60% of your weight on your left side. You will stand closer to your ball when using wedges than you normally would if you were playing a driver. The reason being is that the clubs are shorter. Plus the closer you stand to the ball, the more control you have over it.

Golf Pitching Tips #4 – The Shot

When pitching you should swing up and not around your body. The swing should be a fluid motion. You are not required to make full body turns when performing short game shots. You should use a light grip pressure in your downswing while keeping the club face square along the target line. Make sure not to decelerate the club when you get closer to impact. This will short the distance that you intended.

If you want to increase the distance of your shot, don’t increase the speed of your speed. Just change the length of your backswing and follow-through.These are just a few golf pitching tips to get you started on your way to an improved game.


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