The Golf Swing Basics and Understanding Them


What characteristics make up a good golf swing?

The golf swing basics essentials of a good swing combines coordination and great power with remarkable grace and timing. Every great player knows that rushing or forcing your golf swing is detrimental to a great shot.

What happens with most amateurs is they think they can hit the ball further by killing it. However, strength does not equal distance in the game of golf.Here are the basics of a golf swing:

What is a golf swing plane?

The swing plane is the path your club travels during your swing. The swing plane is defined by the angle your golf club makes with the surface. At address and during your swing.

Steep and shallow

A steeper swing plane is one in which the club shaft makes a larger angle with the ground. A shallow swing plane is one in which golf club makes a smaller angle with the ground. These swing planes can vary dramatically depending on the stance, player height and length of the club used.

Coming over the top

Is usually produced by an overly steep swing plane that produces poor contact and slices. This is commonly known as coming over the top. This type of swing across the ball results in a loss of power and accuracy.

Achieving the right swing plane

A good swing plane will be produced by a backswing. That is wide and shallow. However, this will vary depending on the type of club used. A driver’s swing plane is shallower while a sand wedge is generally steeper.

What are the parts that make up a golf swing?

The golf swing basics are made up of 4 components. Which include the backswing, downswing, impact and follow through. By performing these mechanics properly, you will improve your game and begin to play at a higher level.

The Backswing

This is the initial part of the golf swing and is probably the most important step because it defines everything else that follows. It involves the takeaway which determines the club head’s path. If you perform a horrible backswing, everything else fails causing a poor shot. If performed correctly, dramatically increases your chances of making a great shot.

The Downswing

This is the movement from the top of the swing to striking the ball. This is when all that stored energy is released with a graceful, accelerated yet unhurried swing. Your body should begin to turn, starting with your hips, toward the target.


This is where the club head makes contact with the ball. The position of the clubface at impact will determine the direction your ball will travel. It is basic physics. At impact both your arms should be relatively straight.

Follow Through

This action is what your body and club do after impact. The perfect golf swing should end with the spine as straight as possible and your right shoulder over your left foot. Your belt bucket should be facing the target. A balanced finish is a sign that your swing was executed correctly.

Golf Swing Basics Video

I hope these tips will put you well on your way to improving your golf swing.

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