Golf Swing Plane – How To Correct Yours


In golf, accuracy is extremely important. In order to hit the ball consistently and improve your game, you need to establish a good golf swing plane.

What is a Golf Swing Plane?

When you watch pro-golfers, you will see that all of their club movements appear to be in a perfect diagonal line across their body. The direction of that line is created by the angle of the club shaft. A pro golfer is able to rotate their body in such a manner that the club travels across the imaginary diagonal line. All the way until the back of the backswing. And then forward in the downswing until it hits the ball. This is known as the “swing plane” – the line across your body that your club travels throughout your swing.

How Do You Keep Your Club on the Swing Plane?

Achieving the correct golf swing plane takes practice. It involves keeping your head still, shoulders square, arms vertical, back straight, rotating your body with your legs planted, keeping your body compact and allowing it to perform natural movements. One of the best ways to practice the golf swing plane is as follows:

Find yourself an area with grass where you are able to see your reflection. Take two irons of equal length and hold them together, lining up against a tee as if you were about to address the ball and take a shot. With the back club, use your strong hand and rotate the club as though you were taking the backswing, whole holding the other club in place with your weak hand.

Mind Your Backswing

At the end of your backswing, you should see how well your backswing is lining up with the angle created by the club shaft that is at rest in front of the tee. If your backswing is fundamentally sound, you should notice that the two clubs are in perfect alignment. If not, try to adjust your club to be at the same angle as the club at rest.

Now do the same exercise the opposite direction, “finishing” your swing with your weak hand while keeping the back club in place. Remember, the golf swing plane represents the complete follow through of your swing. The club should always be in perfect alignment with the angle the club started at, and this type of practice will help you get a feel for what staying on the swing plane is like.So, before you play your next round of golf, practice these tips and see if you notice a difference in how you perform.

Recommended Golf Swing Plane Trainer

If you need a device to help you swing on the correct plane, I recommend the Medicus Driver.  It is a training tool that I use to regularly to practice with. What I liked about the club when I purchased it was that it had a risk free trial. So if it didn’t work out I could return it.


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