Golf Swing Speed – How To Increase Yours Easily

Learning to improve your golf swing speed will be an important factor in how far you drive the ball. There is no doubt that the majority of golfers, both pro and novice players, would love to add some distance to there shots. However, achieving this distance takes a lot of practice. It will also require the proper golf swing mechanics.

Most golf swings carry an average speed of eighty miles per hour. By adding some speed behind your shots, you will get much longer off the tee. You will be able to set yourself up for those easy approach shots which will get you on the green much faster. If you are able to achieve this, you will definitely start seeing some lower scores on your card.  Any avid golfer would enjoy showing their friends up. Hey, this is what it’s all about.

Golf is a very addictive sport that we don’t take lightly when we play. It is a way for us to get together with colleagues while participating in a low impact workout. The game is especially appealing to those who love being outside. There is nothing like the scenic view of a golf course. It is breathtaking and relaxing.However, let’s get back to your golf swing speed.

Tips For Increasing Your Golf Swing Speed

There are many techniques that you can implement into your game which will greatly increase your golf swing speed. Merely swinging at the ball with more force will not help. In fact, this will actually make your swing less effective and your drives much shorter. What you really want is a more stable and constant speed.One thing that may help you is to keep the face of your club squared throughout impact. By starting square and then finishing the same way, you will get a more solid shot.

Implementing constant acceleration is another great way of helping your speed. Applying this speed to your swing will help as long as you keep it the same from start to finish. Believe it or not one of the main things that can help your golf swing is simply exercising regularly. Golfing does not take a lot of muscles, but one thing that will help is having plenty of core strength.

You should try practicing with a weighted club. These clubs help build golf muscles that are necessary for a consistent swing. And, the clubs can also play a factor in improving your golf swing speed.Although many golfers do not understand this method, the delayed hand release technique will help profoundly. By keeping your hands fully cocked during the downswing for as long as you can hold it, your release will be more effective.

Should You Use A Golf Swing Speed Meter?

The answer is probably. If you want to increase the distance of your shots, you must increase the speed of your clubhead.  And, how will you know your golf swing speed if you don’t monitor or measure it. Calculating your swing speed is not something you can do without a measuring device. These devices come in the form of radars, analyzers and meters. The device that I highly recommend is the Medicus Power Meter. It attaches to the shaft of your club and it monitors your clubhead speed. It is less expensive than a lot of other speed trainer out there. Plus, they offer a money back guarantee.


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