Golf Swing Tempo – How To Develop A Good Rhythm

Possibly the most obscure, over-hyped, over-analyzed, and widely sensationalized element in the study of golf swings is the golf swing tempo. A widely debated topic among golf amateurs and professionals. Tempo has been one of the vaguest components required in delivering the best golf swing.

This concept is closely related to golf speed, however, the velocity of a swing and its tempo are two utterly different things. When it comes to hitting a golf ball, the golfers goal is to hit it the farthest.

How to Develop a Good Golf Swing Tempo

To do this, amateur golfers hit the ball as fast and as powerful as they could. Mindlessly equating the strength of the swing to the distance the ball travels when hit. In golf, the power of your swing does not equate to the distance it travels. You can hit the ball as hard as you could, but without the right tempo, your swing will never be as efficient as it could be.

Professional golf players stress the value of slowing down. The perfect golf swing is a premeditated and calculated act. Hitting the ball with a mindlessly powerful force gives you more room for mistakes.

How can taking things slow make your golf swing tempo better?

To discuss this, one should first tackle the anatomy of a golf swing. The golf swing consists of the downswing and the backswing. The downswing is the downward motion of the golf club as it hits the ball.

How to Develop a Better Backswing

The backswing is the upward motion of the golf club after it hits the ball. The backswing contains the follow-through. The only time your club should speed up is at the time it hits the ball, this means that your backswing and your downswing should be delivered by a slow controlled force where your downswing slowly accelerates to hit the ball perfectly.

Slowing down your downswing and backswing gives you more chance to perfect the golf swing plane. You witness pro golfers on television do this perfectly. They hit the ball in a slow controlled manner but as soon as the club hits the ball, you’re astounded at the force it brings.

Try practicing with a bucket of golf balls and take smooth, controlled swings. Avoid swinging to softly or swinging to hard. Just swing as comfortably as you can. Always remember that different people have different golf swing tempos.If you find your golf swing tempo to be working out for you, by all means, stick to it, but if not, never hesitate to follow the helpful tips listed above.


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