Golf Weight Training – Add Power To Your Golf Swing


Golf weight training is one of the most important exercises a golfer needs to follow to become good. It is one of the best forms of exercise to build a player’s strength. It does not mean that bodybuilders can be the best golfers in the world.

Strength training focuses on specific muscle groups in the body to increase ones swing and drive the ball hundreds of yards away. Usually, a strong swing plays a great role in achieving very respectable under-pars.The distance of the shot is directly proportional to the strength and power of the swing. This is basic physics. Golf weight training is the best way to increase ones distance. Here are several exercises that will target specific muscle groups that are essential in making that 300-yard shot. These exercises will target the muscles in the arms, as well as the shoulders and the upper back.

Lateral Lifts

Stand up straight and hold dumbbells for each of your hand. Lift the dumbbells until they are level with your chest; maintain the position for five seconds. Repeat fifteen times.

Flat Presses

While you lie on your back on the bench, lift dumbbells, one each for your hand. Push them up and bring them down slowly. Repeat this exercise twenty times.

Back Stretch

Place a resistance band around your back and hold the opposite ends with your hands. Stretch the bands so that your hands will meet at the center in your front. Make sure that your hands are also outstretched to provide maximum resistance. This golf weight training will increase strength in your biceps, shoulders, and upper back.

Upward Pulls

using a resistance band, step on the one with your right foot, and hold the other end with your right hand. Lift the band as high as you can. Repeat the procedure ten times. Do the same with the left foot and the left hand.The hand and the wrist is also a very important asset in playing golf. Many players get injured in the hand by making the wrong swing, or when too much stress is given to the wrist. Golf weight training can improve the grip and the movement of the wrist to make it more resistant to injury. Here are some exercises that will target the hand and wrist area.

Hand Grip Press

Using a hand grip equipment, you can increase the strength of your grip by squeezing the hand grip repeatedly for ten minutes. This will give you the right control over the golf club. It gives the player tight precision control over the swing.

Wrist Exercise

Using a relatively light dumbbell, you can train the strength of your wrist by lifting small weights only by your wrist. Hold a dumbbell and move your wrist up and down. This may be a difficult task especially if your grip is not very strong. However, once you master the grip strength exercise, you will have no problem doing the wrist exercise.

Golf weight training is an essential exercise to power long distance shots that will give the golfer the lowest numbers on the scoreboards.


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