The Importance Of Golf Stretching Exercises


Just like in any other sport, golf stretching exercises can help the body function in a more flexible and efficient way than it would without stretching. In fact, stretching can help the body even when not doing any kind of sport. This is because the muscles of the body will tense up and relax on command. Warming them up for the onslaught of movements that are yet to come.

Warm ups are begun with stretching, and are finished by stretching again. May might think that golf is different since it only needs arm movements to play, but this is one misconception that many fall into prey.

Why You Need to Do It

You might think otherwise, but golf stretching exercises can really affect the outcome of your performance. This is because the tighter their joints and muscles are, less muscle movement is created by the body. The risk of muscle injuries is also lessened. In addition, not only will stretching improve your flexibility. But it will also allow you to become stronger in specific muscle areas vital to golf. This means that the more stretchy the muscles, the more strong they are. Thus, better efficiency in hitting the ball and the farther distance it will travel.

Duration of Stretches

As mentioned, stretches are not limited to golfing alone. In fact, it should not be done just for sports alone. Stretching can make the body more flexible when done repeatedly, so whether it is for golf, for sports in general or not, you should do it once a day just to allow yourself to be more flexible and fit for any strenuous activities that you will act out throughout the day.

Optimal Golf Stretching Exercises

One simple stretching exercise is putting a golf club over your head and doing squats. This alone is a good workout for major muscles used in golf. While focusing on the hips, you should do them in rapid succession. A variation includes stretching out your arms and then quickly turning your whole body from one side to another, allowing the arms to do a follow through. These golf-stretching exercises are a great stretching routine for the flexibility of the shoulders. With locked knees, a golf stretching routine such as swinging the legs back and forth will help loosen up the legs. In turn, this will help with the persons stance.

Avoid These Stretch Routines

Even though stretching has all these good effects to the body, there are certain stretches that should not be done and can affect performance in a very negative way. Static exercises do not help at all because in no way does it copy a golf swing. This is an exercise wherein you have your body at an idle position while doing the stretching routine. A golf swing does not entail your body to be static; hence stretching using non golf stretching exercises will not be effective in any way.

Add Ons with Stretching

Even when you do stretch, you still need to add some workout routines along with it to ensure that they will work out as planned. In the end, golf stretching exercises will improve your game if you yourself allow it to help your golfing performance.

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